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Bulk cement

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A permanent supply of bulk cement at the Asia Cement factory is provided by 6 silos with a total capacity of 60,000 tons.

Modern dedusting systems are used in all areas of production and shipment of bulk cement.

Fast delivery 24/7

Cement is supplied from silos for shipment to railway wagons and road transport. The amount of incoming cement is controlled by commercial and bridge scales.

Cement trucks and hopper cement trucks are used for the delivery of bulk cement.

We notify customers by e-mail, SMS and Telegram:
✔ About the shipment of cement from the warehouse to motor vehicles and railway wagons
✔ About the departure of the car from the factory with a link for tracking on the map by GPS coordinates
✔ About the approach of the machine to the cement unloading point
✔ About the arrival of cars at the delivery address for unloading
✔ About the arrival of wagons at the railway station for unloading.
We conclude direct contracts for the supply of cement
Asia Cement Ltd enters into direct contracts with customers for the supply of cement in order to guarantee the elimination of tax risks for the removal of ADS (Allowable Discharge Standards) deduction from the buyer, substitution of the brand of ordered cement, quality and delivery problems.