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Cement for road construction

Cold regeneration technology

Asia Cement Ltd produces Portland cement for road construction by cold regeneration method

The technology of cold regeneration (cold recycling) allows for repairs with the full use of old asphalt concrete pavement. Road equipment (recycler) grinds the old coating, a binder is introduced into the mass - Portland cement. The result is a strong, durable road base.

Range of use

  • Highways
  • Public roads
  • Parking lots
  • Residential streets
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Terminals

Advantages of using the technology

Speed and quality
  • Reduces the production time by 50%
  • Full mechanization of the process
  • The absence of seams prevents the penetration of water and the appearance of defects
  • Eliminates the layering of the roadway due to the monolithic construction
  • Increased strength increases the service life of the road
Cost reduction
  • Reduces financial costs by 20% or by 1.8 million rubles per 1 km of road
  • Reduces the amount of imported materials
  • The material of the old coating is used completely without the need for removal
  • Reduces the cost of maintaining the road surface
High strength
  • Reduces the likelihood of an accident due to the increased strength of the canvas by 10 times
  • Reduces congestion
  • All reconstruction works are carried out within one lane
  • Possibility to widen the road and increase the capacity
  • Provides better stability and traction

Overhaul of the road to the village of Karamaly
Nikolsky district of the Penza region

Review of the State Institution "Construction and Road Management of the Penza region" on the use of cold regeneration of asphalt concrete layers using Portland cement Asia Cement Ltd

Advantages of cement

Increased density
Resistance to flowing and slightly mineralized waters
Smooth strength gain